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Shenzhen Ming XI electronics limited (OMOXI), farad capacitorseries: OT (OMC/OMG/OMK), OFTG, DA, SM, DM/DMS (r), DCS/DCST,DCL/DCL/DCLH, DR/HP,SR, DRM/HPM, DLM, DP, DL, Modules (modules).

We will provide test material, evaluation of quality customer!Cheng Renyi not for sale, please feel free to contact, consultation.Customersatisfaction is our greatest!

Declared: we can only guarantee, impossible not to exaggerate, boastedto hoodwinked customer.Honesty, hard service.

SHENZHEN OMOXI ELECTRONIC CO,LTD,was established in 2005, is located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, is a professional production and sales of super capacitor,farad capacitors, gold capacitor manufacturer.Super capacitor-the company specializes in research and development, production, and sales.

Our company in 2005, Korea Gao Qipu (KORCHIP) authorized agent, selling its full range of products;And with Israel enterprises, production andsales (supercapchip) super thin, high power, ultra low resistance (mohm level), ultralow leakage current type super capacitor.Company products in addition to marketing to
 domestic provinces and cities, regions, but also exported to Middle East, Europe, North America and South-East Asia, taking in the foreign trade market.

Our products highquality, complete product line, including the Department of organic, water system
products, is now a professional company on super capacitor, provide more than products
and provide solutions, selection of technical support, design optimization recommendations.
Main products: buttons, column-type (winding), square plate, square, cylindrical, modules, etc.

Product applicationareas: security access control, biometric, smart grid, smart utilities gas meter,
 solar, industrial automation, high-end toys, wireless communications, GPS, in-car electronics, wireless navigation, battery protection.. ....

Application examples: Automotive (car audio, navigation,recorder), intelligent monitoring, water gas meter, lighting energy, moments of highpower, pulse circuits, solar energy conversion, Internet RF-ID, energy saving, clockand memory circuits, power switch, power remote control, digital electronic Flash

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  • Shenzhen mingxi electronic co., LTD
  • 8 floor, room 22,Street XING Bao electronics commercial building, Fuyong town, Baoan district, Shenzhen City
  • 86-0755-61505397
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  • Can (E-commerce)
  • 0755-61505397
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